Become a Spotter

Earn money doing some small tasks with your smartphone. Take on the role of a mystery shopper and get paid for carrying out fun and easy assignments.

How does it work?


Download the app

You can download the free SmartSpotter app in the App Store (iOS) or on Google Play (Android).

It's easy to get started, no work experience needed! Earning extra money has never been so fun and easy!

Become a Spotter

Request a SmartSpotter account and start Spotting as soon as you are accepted! We currently work with a small waiting list because Australia already has thousands of Spotters.

You can register by entering your e-mail address and postcode in the form on the top of this page. As soon as a position opens in your area, you will be invited to start Spotting!

Choose your assignment

Throughout the country, new assignments appear in the app on a daily basis. Look for fun assignments in your area and carry them out in return for a nice reward!

For example, take photos of a certain window display, enter the prices of products in store or evaluate promotions on the shop floor.

This way you can earn money and SmartPoints with no further obligations.

Submit the assignment

After you have carried out the assignment, SmartSpotter will check if all your photos and answers are correct.

If you completed the assignment correctly, it will be approved and the amount you earned will be added to your account.

Get paid!

Your reward will vary depending on the assignment. You can choose to be paid automatically every time your account is over $20 or simply request payment when you feel like it. We pay on a weekly basis.

What Spotters say about us...

I used to work in a store myself but this is much more fun and rewarding. The camera on my smartphone is all I need!


There's always plenty of paid assignments in my area. The rewards are good and Spots are approved quickly.


I enjoy paying attention to the quality of promotional activities in stores. With SmartSpotter I can earn some extra money without any obligations.


I wanted to make some extra money but decide when and where I do this myself. I already made enough to pay for a summer holiday.


Frequently asked questions

I want to get paid. How do I do that?

With SmartSpotter you yourself indicate how you would like to get paid. When you have earned $20 you can choose to have this paid out automatically or if you would prefer to accrue more compensation first and determine for yourself when you will be paid. If you have accrued less than $20 in your account and wish to be paid, we will charge a $0.50 transaction fee. You can login on the website and under the heading Payment you can indicate how you want to be paid to your account.

What do you do if you are confronted by a shop employee?

Most of the assignments will be carried out anonymously. Shopkeepers do not know that spotting is being carried out in their shop. It is not illegal to take photos, nevertheless this sometimes raises questions with the shop employees. You are the face of SmartSpotter, therefore it is important that you leave a good impression. Calmly explain that you carry out assignments on our behalf and that they can contact SmartSpotter by e-mail at If the shopkeeper requests that you leave the shop, do so without objection and remain courteous. You will still submit your assignment, but you will not be paid. Explain why you were unable to complete the assignment under the heading Comments at the bottom of the page.
Tip: Do not be conspicuous when taking photos. This can lead shopkeepers to ban you from the shop.

Within how much time must the assignment be completed?

That depends on your rank. If you have just started Spotting as a Junior Spotter you can reserve two assignments simultaneously. You then have an hour to carry out the assignment. Once you have earned more than 100 SmartPoints you then rise to the rank of Spotter. You then have the option to accept three assignments simultaneously and you have two hours to complete the assignments. At the rank Senior Spotter you can accept four assignments and you have two hours to complete the assignments. The highest rank that you can achieve is SmartSpotter. You can then accept five assignments that stay open for three hours. In some cases, everyone has the same time limit for the assignment. This is indicated at the start of the assignment. If you accept multiple assignments simultaneously be sure to carry out the assignments in the right shop. It sometimes happens that assignments are carried out in the wrong shop. Unfortunately we must reject these assignments.

How do I become a Spotter?

To become a Spotter, you can register yourself on top of this page. If new Spotters are needed in your region, you will receive an e-mail from us with instructions.