Transparent work, clear results

Let’s face it, retail execution can be improved. You can increase the effectiveness of your product campaigns by having real-time execution information from anywhere in Australia. With timely & fact-based adjustments, you can ensure better shopping experience, increase in turnovers and develop stronger relationships with retailers.

Improved *ROI*

Improved ROI

See missing opportunities faster. You can verify your product/campaign execution per store to be on top of your sales figures.

All *agreements* fulfilled

All agreements fulfilled

Strengthen relationships with retailers by sharing clear retail reports based on facts. This leads to a better shopping experience.

A *clear* overview

A clear overview

Get control over your KPIs with dynamic analytics to spot any execution flaw. Contact your field sales team to timely resolve any issue you find.

Spotters: Your eyes on the shop floor

The power of SmartSpotter relies on mobile crowdsourcing. Thousands of motivated shoppers throughout Australia can provide all the information you need at any time. All they need to do is to check assignments available at their location.

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Use SmartSpotter for:



Get more control over your SKUs’ turnovers and shelving plan. SmartSpotter provides instant OSA & OOS readings along with sales-effect analysis.

*Store compliance*

Store compliance

Spotters are your eyes in the field. Increase the value of your in-store activities by ensuring your shop floor usage follows your planning.



Real-time information presented over time and location. Without monitoring compliance, in-store agreements can be as low as 66%.



Resource optimization. Integrate your field sales team with the SmartSpotter platform and share results with any stakeholder.



Track and boost the efficiency of your promotions. You can alert your field sales team of any location that needs their attention.



How do prices fluctuate over time? Get insight of the price level of your products online or in-store per retailer.

Bad retail execution costs lots of money

Negative ROI

90% of all trade-marketing expenditures do not lead to positive ROI (USA, $30 million).

AC Nielsen

Out of Stock

One of many frustrations among consumers is that 5% of all products are sold out. Many consumers choose a different brand or another shop leading to a loss of sales!

Poor promotion communication

Research shows that 34% of promotions fail effective communication to consumers in stores. Also, 15% of locations do not have stock available.

Increased promotional turnover

Improving promotional compliance by 20% leads to a potential turnover increase of 7%

Our Customers' Experience

SmartPOS, SmartSpotter TEAM

FrieslandCampina works with SmartSpotter in two areas of expertise. Each week we measure the major promotions among all retailers by means of SmartPOS measurements by Field Sales and Spotters. In this way we enable our Key Account Managers to make adjustments immediately (where necessary), but we also use the powerful dashboard for promotion evaluations among retailers. Additionally, from the SmartSpotter TEAM dashboard we share data internally and with retailers of the major round orders of Field Sales to demonstrate the importance of this. These services make FrieslandCampina an organisation that works in an even more professional manner.

Gerjan van den Berg, Field Sales Development Manager

  • The Results:
  • Promotions
    Greater insight
  • Field Sales
    More efficient

Over the past years the partnership with SmartSpotter has enabled Beiersdorf to improve the effectiveness of activities on the shop floor. By linking the measured promotion execution with resale results, we have perfect insight into the effectiveness of POS materials by channel. We make it possible for our findings to be discussed with retailers to then jointly achieve improvement in promotion execution. After all improved execution also benefits the retailer.

Juliette Duijndam, Senior Category Manager

  • The results:
  • Promotions
    More efficient
  • Compliance
  • Sales Impact

In our opinion SmartSpotter is the most efficient and user-friendly way to extract data from the shop floor. The data is immediately visible and downloadable in every possible format, but can also be integrated into our own systems. Thanks to the real time dashboard, we already have the ability to take action during the measurement. In this way we ensure perfect distribution of our major titles.

Ronald Zitvast - Business Intelligence Manager

  • The Results:
  • Shelf share
  • Out of stock
  • Sales

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A clear dashboard.
No More Secrets!

Well-presented information empowers people to take action. Your fact-based Dashboard will be organized and available to the right people in a decision making format.
Verified & geo-located data will make your real-time analytics very effective. SmartSpotter is your eyes and ears on the shop floor so you can take in-store execution to the next level!

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Is to maximise the synergy between retailers and suppliers. In 2024 all agreements among them will be achieved.

As a result, an additional retail turnover of $1 billion can be generated.

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